Monday, May 21, 2012

My Waterloo Days 5K

This is Mary S, the registered dietitian, inviting you to get involved in the upcoming “My Waterloo Days” 5K which is sponsored by Wheaton. I have been running 5Ks for 23 years. This picture is of my former mailman, Tom Shea and I, who won our age groups at the recent mud run. Tom became a friend of mine many years ago because of our mutual interest in running and biking. Tom has always inspired me as he would walk a 10 mile mail route and then after work I would see him out on his bike.
The My Waterloo Days 5k is an event I run every year. You can run, walk or volunteer on Saturday June 2nd at 8:00 am. Registration details can be found at You can contact Merriam Lake at about volunteer opportunities.

The 5k is my own personal fitness test as doing the same course helps me to see if I am staying fit while aging. I am not as fast as I once was but I am happy to still be able to run. I have met many runners and patients who have been sidelined by health problems and injuries. One of the main reasons I run is because I can!
This is my last year in my 40s. Everything everyone told me about getting old is turning out to be true. It is hard to do the same workouts, eat the same foods and stay the same weight with all the natural changes that occur with aging. My mind is willing to work out but some days the body does not want to follow. Recovery time has become much more important. I have had to limit the miles running and add more time in the pool or on the bike to limit injuries and so far this cross training continues to work for me.

I once wondered why I should pay money to go run. I look at the entry fee as an investment in my health and a way to continue to continue to meet people who have mutual health goals who support each other. The races give me an opportunity to learn more about what area communities offer. The My Waterloo Days course offers the chance to run in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Waterloo. Local residents will be cheering in their front lawns. Wheaton Associates will be working the registration, water stops and finish line which is found on a gradual downhill on Prospect Blvd. Many races are fund raisers for some worthy cause which you learn about while participating.

If you come out to help at the event you will see a variety of ages, shapes and sizes challenging themselves to run 3.1 miles. I hope my nearly 49 year old body will let me do this in 25 minutes or less.


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    1. This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed myself.

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