Thursday, January 20, 2011

RIPT - Good Fun, Good Workout

The Wednesday night class was full and we got our money's worth! We did some interesting things, lining up for some fun activites. As we moved to the beat of 80's music, some people in the class showed off their singing and dancing talents. I didn't have enough energy to keep up with them, but enjoyed watching and listening - they made a tough workout a little more fun! Keep it up 5:30 pm! In those times when you're feeling awkward, sweating profusely, or need to take a quick break, know you're not alone! We're all in the same boat! Thanks Zack for pushing us along. See you Friday night!


  1. From an instructor's perspective...teaching this class....just wanted to give "a holla" out to the RIPT members! WAY TO PUSH YOURSELVES!!!! We see how hard your working...and not giving up! FATIGUE IS A GOOD THING...means you pushed yourself to the next fitness level! The reward will be huge in the end! Let the good times roll.....:)

  2. Amy, it's interesting you mentioned the 80's music. That's one thing I've already noticed in the two sessions I've been in is that the music the instructors play really helps drive my feet to the beat. It makes all the difference.
    Here's a horror my last gym in Des Moines I had a spin class instructor that would play Dancing Queen and music from the group ENYA. Let's just say that I didn't stay in that class very long.
    12 hours until RIPT!

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