Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back for More...but Why

Its been over five months....and I was so good, for awhile. But now of the eve of RIPT II the reality is back - I didn't 'maintain the gain' all summer. BBQ and Budweiser replaced the bands and the bosu and you don't have to be, say, as smart as the Wellness Staff to figure out what that means.

Despite it I wasnt' in a hurry to sign up - and that's my point...I was going to skip (think I'd have gotten any fitter?). But a good work out partner jumped right back in and drug me along ... and come next Wednesday, I will be reminded what that 'for better or worse' vow meant.

So come along for the ride - - - this time, it's for results.

Are you in?
Why not?

Let's hear your story too.....its not just time for's time to get RIPT (ok, and I will admit, I miss the great high of people asking 'are you losing weight')

Lets do this thing!

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