Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inches, Pounds and Mass

Another measurement day this week...really funny to see how few people now show up, think they know if you don't do class and eat right prayer alone won't get you results??? Anyhow, only two weeks since the last (so what really can be accomplished).

We all lost inches, one lost pounds, one lost BMI - - - all thought maybe we went the other way, so another testiment to the hard and even on your worst strecthes (birthday eating, x2!!!) you can make progress.

About 5 sessions to go and on to 'life after'....and final results.

While we may lose some passion with better weather and fatigue, the teaching team sure has not....they remain FIRED UP every time, amazing.


  1. Great job Hyers Family...keep up the hard work!

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