Friday, February 26, 2010

My Friends are all Losers

I've been quiet this week in part because nothing super-weird happenend and in part because, now in week seven (yes, we've made it this far) everything hurts and typing seems like a lot of exercise at the end of the day...but the week cannot end without noting what happenend Tuesday.

I'm not here to lose weight, or really inches - I'm here to make sure what I eat gets burned. But so many came for results this was a big day for a lot of people I've gotten to know (and sweat and want to pass out with) over the week.

What I learned Tuesday is you get out what you put in. I know two people who lost 13 pounds or more in the first six weeks...well on their way to being big losers. One lost nine, looks like 15 and is in more amazing shape every day. One, four (yes FOUR) inches.... results, BIG RESULTS for those who have gone all in.

There is power in numbers, in committing in front of others and in pushing yourself in new ways. The program works, and it's not one size fits all but when you eat as they say, make class and really try the winners are losers!!

Way to go, to quote from low can we go!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 7

Way to go!!! We have successfully made it to week 7!!!!! Last night was our weigh in, and I'm hoping you all got some results! I know that i got some results i wanted so that only got me more motivated to work harder! I know its going to be hard to keep working but we have to finish this with a bang!!!!! Good luck!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Where Are You???

So we have noticed - - - there are a lot less people getting RIPT than when we started....where have you gone?

I've heard the excuses, you hurt, you are busy, blah, blah, blah. For the record I have wanted to quit every week, and for the last two, every day....but we push on understanding no pain, no gain, and this was about the gain. What did we expect when we signed up???

So, we've got three full weeks left.....come on back, there is plenty of time to get results no matter when, or why, you fell out. Results don't just happen, you make them happen and one thing is clear, the teaching staff is committed to us getting results.

The last big push is on....come on back, lets see you all back in class TODAY!!!

When you quit, even for a few days, the bad habits win....don't let them!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pushing UP....

Today I did two classes...a Friday ritual. Both were stations, both were tough.

At noon I did more pushups than I ever have in my whole life...not because I had to or because someone made me, but because I could!!!!!

Progress noted - YEAH!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So tonight I basically loved the class! It was so different but I actually worked my hardest tonight! And the time flew by! When Ann walked up to us she showed us the game plan, and I was literally like "Oh Crap!!!!!" But when I got in to the class my mood was transformed. I was excited to get to work!!! And the stations were so different that you wanted to work and get it done right!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No News is Good News

No post the last few days, why....nothing dramatic to report. We are a week from the delayed first measure and working hard, even as we near the half-way point they keep finding ways to make muscles hurt I did not know exsisted - last night by doing some sort of semi-circle swirl with legs that had no intention of moving that way!

Over the past few days we did face the post-RIPT reality that food matters....Valentines Day saw no big chocolate hearts, CJ's birthday saw very good, but portion controlled cupcakes instead of the huge cake I had in mind.....we are making the adjustments, now, will it 'measure out'....

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Congratulations Sherri

You worked me out so hard this afternoon (Friday) I actually wanted to throw up...first time in the program, guess it was bound to happen....but I'm still doing a second class tonight - can't beat me!!!

- Jodi

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DayQuil and the Bosu

Figured it would be this week. A good cold cost me class on Monday, snow denied me the anticipated first weigh-in Tuesday so Wednesday had to be different too.

Against my better judgement (still was not feeling that great) I went to RIPT last night to try and sweat the cold out of my system. Fully loaded with DayQuil - (cousin of wonder drug NyQuil!) it was working - while not going full speed my ever more RIPT body was hanging in there.

If you've never met a 'bosu' its a half ball thing that they use from time to time for balance tricks - I'm ok with it, it breaks things up. Last night it was time to use it like an Aerobic step in several moves including one where you straddle it, jump up top and back to straddle. Sounds easy, guess that was the Day Quil talking as I lept up on that half ball enthusiastically and was shot across the room as if out of a cannon. A few witnesses laughed, hard - my back hurts a little and my lesson is learned.

tomorrow's goal - two classes, Jodi did it again yesterday...must be why she really looks like she's getting results. More soon....if the bosu does not get me first.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Body bar...

Tonight, we worked once again on our legs. However, there was a great twist thrown in, the body bar! I can honestly say that i enjoyed this a lot more than some of the other things we have done. And I think a lot of people will agree, that the bar is a challenge, but its a good one. One other thing i wanted to point out is that every time I come home there is some sort of new pain. So Congrats to our instructors... they are doing their job!


Of Superbowls, Peanut Butter Cups and the Weigh In

Who created the calendar that puts the first RIPT weigh-in (measure in) on the Tuesday after the Super Bowl...after four faithful weeks and not a single skipped class I deserve beer and wings (lots of wings) but will I - - - doubt it, don't want to jeopardize next weeks weigh in. Which is all kind of funny as our lead instructor, in advance of our big day, has been on vacation this week no doubt actually enjoying herself with lot's of food and little work...more on that next week.

So, to the compromise - big Heart Walk Bake Sale today at Covenant, cannot not help a good cause, I met the homemade peanut butter cups (all for charity!!!) and am happy to say they have not RIPT the love of favorite foods from me, but have, in a few short weeks, make me appreciate the trade off that now I have to go hard in class tonight. I'm tired, I hurt but I really want the Super Bowl food - - - so straight ahead comes the test.

Stay tuned to see if they have 'RIPT' the munchies from my hand, I work harder in advance or if some other sick, unpredictable twist arises....and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Hurts Deep

So Jodi pointed out after last nights kick-off to week #4 of RIPT, noting that of all the different workouts she's done over they years nothing ever reached stomach muscles so deep....yep, we've reached 'the core'. Guess we should not be surprised, over the first three weeks we have reached all sorts of new and painfully unusual places, rarely the same ones twice as we work toward a total body fitness thing.

First results one week from today....MAYBE we will talk about them. I know this, if they measured my BMI around my calves this morning it would be low - - - the are TIGHT.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Another A$# Kicking...

Best words overheard yet as we dragged out of an exceptionally long class Friday night - weights, bands, steps....who the heck thinks this stuff up. Saturday morning we hurt, again, in places we don't know exsist but as we zero in on measurement day #1 anticipation builds....are we getting results?

Someone once told me muscle weighs more than fat, so I need to find out as it will set an expectation for results (sounds like I would want to gain weight without my friends chocolate, beer and lasagna!).

Here's hoping we have a week without weather cancellations so Jodi does not have to do a double session....she's done two classes (12 and 5:30) each of the last two Fridays...shows the dedication to sticking to this, but eventually that has got to hurt.

Now, if someone can tell me how to make fruit taste good...maybe we get somewhere.