Monday, April 30, 2012

Asparagus Pee

Asparagus Pee

It is asparagus season. This is one vegetable which confirms my belief that you can learn to like new foods if you try them. I am a dietitian who grew up with a bad attitude about this vegetable. I believed it was some weed my parents were picking in the ditches of our Wisconsin farm and trying to feed me. Later in life, I adjusted my attitude, tried it and learned I love it. I have started foraging ditches, stores, farmers markets and now my own garden to raise this plant. Fresh asparagus season is now here! This week’s blog will be filled with many pleasant ideas for asparagus but I am going to start with the unpleasant topic of asparagus pee.
Everyone has a stinky odor in their urine about 20 minutes after consuming asparagus but not everyone has the gene to smell it. The odor is normal, safe and the result of sulfur combing with amino acids contained in asparagus.
If you are a reader who has no idea what I am referring to you either lack the gene to interpret this smell produced during the breakdown of asparagus or you are not eating asparagus. If you think your pee does not stink after consuming asparagus maybe you should get a second opinion from a close friend or family member.
If you want to read more about this research I have added several links.

I am curious if my blog readers feel they have the gene to smell asparagus urine. I know I do. Try it and post if you are have the gene!

Mary S.


  1. good to know why this happens! I have always wondered :)

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