Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Another great RIPT workout last night - one that I can feel today! But so worth it! The instructor was great (I think her name is Michelle). I've always worked out in the morning, but these 5:30 pm workouts kind of reenergize me for the night ahead (kids, homework, etc.) which has been helpful. It also has seemed to reduce my appetite to eat (which is VERY helpful). I must say - of all the workout programs I've taken, I think Covenant's programs are my favorite! Thanks all for a job well done...I think I'm starting to see some results! AJS

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lunges for Lunch

Monday, 1/31 was the first time I went to RIPT over the lunch hour. Let's just say Adam feed me LUNGES for lunch. I don't know as though I've ever done that many in one week, much less in a 50 minute time frame. Although I'm in pain today, it was an awesome workout. I actually like the noon time frame...it's getting in a workout, plus showering and getting ready again that makes it difficult.

I will say this about the RIPT instructors: One more set of 8!? You all need to learn to count because its never just 8 (its more like 24)! Are you trying to punish all your co-workers? Honestly though - its one of the best workouts I've ever done and I like that its different each day of the week. Thanks for pushing me! See you soon! Amy :)