Monday, January 17, 2011

Stay Motivated

The first week wasn't so bad! I really like the instructors and they push you to reach your maximum potential (I need that). But I must admit...Friday at 5 pm, I could have just went home or out for a cold one with a friend as I was tired from the long week. I begrudgingly went to class, which was surprisingly light in attendance, considering it was only the second class. HANG IN THERE GANG! You'll be glad you did once the sun begins to shine! And now that my co-worker Dana is back from vacation and proved himself honorable by getting there this a.m. in a snow storm, I won't plan on checking the KWWL website to see if they're canceling class tonight. I'm just going to "get er' done"! Hope to see you all there! Amy


  1. Another dynamite morning class today. Sheri had just the right music on. We did a lot of moves that incorporated the "plank" and I was so embarrassed, sweat was dripping from my head to my nose and forming in a pool on my platform. I guess that's the point of the workouts but still, it's not often we sweat in front of so many people. Just think of all the perspiration the entire room will produce over the 10-week period. Ewwww! haha. ~Dana D.

  2. Keep it up guys. This office is going to be fit and trim by the summer!

  3. Keep it up you guys!!

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