Monday, January 24, 2011


*pant* *pant* *pant* Sheri Purdy, what are you doing to me!? I am truly developing a love-hate relationship with these instructors. I love them every hour out of each day EXCEPT for those 45 long minutes in the morning when I become the sweat slave. Sheri incorporated dumbbells into the routine this morning for the first time since RIPT started and after the 100 or so bicep curls today, I know my arms will be reminding me they're there all day long. I'm thankful my desk chair has arm rests so my arm movement will be minimal today. Keep it up everyone! Remember your diet is just as important as the exercise :) ~ Dana D.


  1. Blame it on the energy in the class! When I see so many people pushing themselves so hard...I can't help but to push you all that much more! It's amazing how hard you all are pushing yourselves..and just when you think you can't do anymore bicep do 10 more! Just remember....3x a week isn't NEED TO DO MORE! Do anything...but move for at least one to two more times than the RIPT class itself. Guaranteed...if you do more you WILL see yourself RIPT! See you in class tomorrow! ~ :) Sheri

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