Monday, October 4, 2010

Tired Legs and No Ice Cream

Last night I managed to stave off a big time "I WANT ICE CREAM" attack and was thinking it meant I turned a corner....but then I get to class today and my leg don't want to turn anything. Long hard Monday class doing all sorts of strange stuff with a little ball and my legs feel like I did a morning class, not a class two days ago. You'd think I'd get a little something for passing on the ice cream and gearing up for class....not.

Going to have to find validation in other the scale in a couple of weeks.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Field Trip

Missed noon class Wednesday, but managed to hit the 5:30 PM only to learn they were going on a field trip to the West High track....uh oh.

Jogged over (much farther than it looks!) then did interval laps with lunges, sprints, high knee steps and alternating side steps. Then jog back, then 20 minutes with weights and mats. Don't know that I've been this tired or hurt this much since Day one of RIPT I when I seriously underestimated the shape I was in.

Variation in routine, I am told, is good for the muscles and to keep things fresh. I will test that Saturday by varying the routine and sleeping late...maybe till noon the way I feel today.