Friday, February 26, 2010

My Friends are all Losers

I've been quiet this week in part because nothing super-weird happenend and in part because, now in week seven (yes, we've made it this far) everything hurts and typing seems like a lot of exercise at the end of the day...but the week cannot end without noting what happenend Tuesday.

I'm not here to lose weight, or really inches - I'm here to make sure what I eat gets burned. But so many came for results this was a big day for a lot of people I've gotten to know (and sweat and want to pass out with) over the week.

What I learned Tuesday is you get out what you put in. I know two people who lost 13 pounds or more in the first six weeks...well on their way to being big losers. One lost nine, looks like 15 and is in more amazing shape every day. One, four (yes FOUR) inches.... results, BIG RESULTS for those who have gone all in.

There is power in numbers, in committing in front of others and in pushing yourself in new ways. The program works, and it's not one size fits all but when you eat as they say, make class and really try the winners are losers!!

Way to go, to quote from low can we go!


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