Friday, February 12, 2010

Congratulations Sherri

You worked me out so hard this afternoon (Friday) I actually wanted to throw up...first time in the program, guess it was bound to happen....but I'm still doing a second class tonight - can't beat me!!!

- Jodi


  1. I should be saying congratulations to you! For pushing through not only 1 class- but 2! WAY TO go to the entire Hyers family! I will take the "puking" congratulations as a compliment! Our minds(instructors that teach this class) ALWAYS take that as a compliment! see you for more fun next week! :-)

  2. AH!! I thought it was just me! I too thought I was going to have to run out and find a trash can! I have been working out regularly for two years - I'd like to say that hitting the puking stage is when you've definitely pushed your body to the max!! As awful as it feels at the time, it's SO worth it!

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