Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Time to admit it...if people were not watching, I might have quit tonight. Not because it was exceptionally hard, I just did not feel like it. Afterall, it's National Chocolate Cake Day, shouldn't I be out celebrating instead of sweating to music? RIPT won, cake lost (ok, before the night is over it might be a tie).

Got kicked for the first time tonight, fault, cannot keep the beat, too big to miss when I am off.

Today's lesson...committment in front of others helps keep you committed. Now, got to go soak and let Jodi gloat...two classes last Friday and now she double up a little different today, clearly she is all in.



  1. worries sometimes you just don't feel like it...I'm the same's as much mental as it is physical. Keep up the hard work and watch those legs!

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